July 8, 2016


Our services include:

  • Automation of processes using conventional machinery, robots, or both technologies.
    • Tunning of control loops.
    • Configuration of instrumentation equipment.
    • PLC programming.
    • Industrial robots programming.
    • System integration.
    • Implementation of SCADA systems.
  • Fabrication of specialized machinery for automation.
    • Design and fabrication of 3D-printed parts.
    • Distribution of electronics components and 3D printing supplies.
    • Design and construction of:
      • robots,
      • remote control devices, and
      • distributed sensors systems (e.g., IOT).
  • Technical advising and training.
    • Technical check-up of electronic circuits and connexions.
    • Simulation of electronics circuits and structures using advanced CAD software.
    • Workshops on sensors, actuators, programming boards (e.g., Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.), and 3D printing.